Senior Data Scientist

Job description

ERIKS Digital is looking for a Senior Data Scientist

We are looking for a colleague to join our international data and analytics team as a senior data scientist, focusing on generating value from our IoT sensor data.

In ERIKS Digital, it is our mission to maximize the power of digital technology and data for every ERIKS colleague and customer. The Data Office, which comprises of the Data Product Team and the Data Platform team, delivers on this mission by developing the required data infrastructure and platforms to make data available across the organization and by developing data products that provide actionable insights for better decision making to help ERIKS to meet its strategic goals.

We are looking for a senior data scientist who will be part of our data product team but who will work closely together with our Smart Asset Management (SAM) product team to generate value from raw IoT sensor data. The SAM team gathers data from thousands of items of engineering equipment measuring their vibration, temperature, pressure and other working conditions, to support timely equipment maintenance and to prevent failures. We are looking for a strong team player who can execute and translate potential use cases into clear and supported stories to ensure adoption and value. To support your success, we have the right mandate in the company, a modern Azure based data platform and a global audience. Within the team, you guide more junior team members to get more experienced with data science, and drive innovation.

The Data Office is an international team that consists of 11 colleagues with 6 nationalities and for which we are currently fulfilling 4 positions. We strongly believe in diversity of culture, gender and perspectives to innovate and solve problems. Our core values are Integrity, Trust, Inclusivity, Passion, Curiosity. They are part of us in our professional and personal life. We are keen to grow our team with new colleagues who share these values and add more diversity to our team.

What you will do:

The ERIKS Smart Asset Management product currently gathers raw IoT sensor data from thousands of maintainable items. You will;

  • Develop predictive maintenance algorithms to predict failure modes and provide customers actionable advice.
  • Use raw IoT sensor data and turn it into actionable insights for our stakeholders, teams, and customers. Those are data from vibration, temperature, pressure and other types of sensors. rive your own work by working with stakeholders to identify valuable use cases and presenting development recommendations to the business & product owner.
  • Research & innovate within the industrial engineering and predictive maintenance domain to enable the product to deliver cutting edge insights to customers.
  • Shape the Data Science domain by driving internal innovation and mentoring junior team members.


  • Previous experience with industrial engineering and predictive maintenance algorithms is highly desirable.
  • Mathematics & statistics background is also highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with concepts of preprocessing, identifying features
  • You have 4+ years professional experience in predictive analytics, data science, or similar role
  • Experience in working with querying data from relational, time series databases such as SQL, PostgreSQL, Influx,
  • Experience with Azure environment, Data Bricks, Machine Learning Services
  • You have experience working with a variety of statistical and machine learning methods like time series analysis, regression, classification, clustering, survival analysis
  • You are a collaborative team player and have experience in mentoring and inspiring team members
  • You are hands on and have strong organizational skills
  • You are enterprising, pioneering and creative
  • You have a positive and solution-oriented mindset
  • You have strong communication skills
  • You have experience in owning a project end-to-end, including stakeholder management
  • You are pragmatic, analytical, results focused
  • You have the ability to make complex matters simple
  • You do not just have the ability, but the preference to work in a fast paced and Agile environment
  • You have the desire to work in a diverse and enjoyable team and to contribute to our productivity and fun at work!
  • You are familiar with recent developments in machine learning
  • You have made many mistakes and you are not afraid of making more

What do we offer?

· Competitive salary and a good pension scheme

· Small & high energy team, lots of challenges

· Have impact on decision making

· A nice office next to Amstel station with a good lunch

· Flexibility


80 years ago, ERIKS started as a supplier to the dairy industry in the Netherlands, providing mechanical components and tools that helped dairy plants increase efficiency. Since then, the company kept innovating, evolving, and expanding. Through a consistent focus on technology and service, it became a key sparring partner and service provider for a range of industries. Among its clients are high-tech manufacturing and food companies (such as ASML and Heineken), energy industry players (from windmill operators to power plants), heavy vehicle manufacturers (making cars, ships, or airplanes), construction firms, medicine production businesses, and more.

For these clients, ERIKS provides a wide range of technical products (for instance hoses and valves), co-engineering, customization solutions, and related services. Technical teams are at customers’ beck and call for sophisticated support and advice – from design to smart maintenance. And on the local web shops, customers can easily order tools or component parts.

“We provide products and know–how in a way that has a direct impact on the economy. In each household you’ll find at least one item of which the production was improved with help from ERIKS.” – Floris Jan Cuypers, COO at ERIKS

Dutch DNA, global culture

With its expansion into 17 countries and many different industries, ERIKS became a global organization, with a truly international culture and vision and with talent, experts, and client relationships from everywhere. Meanwhile, its headquarters and roots are in The Netherlands. The company is owned by SHV, a family-owned Dutch group with a portfolio of seven companies that together employ nearly 60.000 people worldwide. The culture at both SHV and ERIKS is built on integrity, entrepreneurship, and a core value of investing in people. With its 6.500 employees and nearly 2 billion Euros revenue, ERIKS is an established corporate – yet one with the entrepreneurial drive and willingness to invest that is often found at younger, smaller, PE-backed businesses.

Digital transformation
ERIKS now finds itself in a very exciting phase: that of a companywide digital transformation. The potential of digital technology for ERIKS extends to all business aspects, from easy business workflows to direct commercial purposes. Digital technology can advance ERIKS e-commerce channels as well as offer new innovations and service propositions that are partially or fully digital. Examples include the proposition of Smart Asset Management (IoT) or ‘ERIKS Wiki’, a knowledge mining database for employees and customers. ERIKS has a dedicated approach to digitization. The company is internally building a proactive, solution-oriented product organisation with top-notch developers and digital and industry experts. Recently, a Chief Digital Officer was hired, and the next three years people, operating model, architecture, governance, and strategy will take full focus.

Eriks Digital is an equal opportunity employer and strives for equal treatment for all genders. Eriks Digital adheres to ethical recruiting methods ensuring that we do not discriminate against any candidate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation. This is a fundamental part of our values and beliefs and we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can reach their potential.