IT Service Manager

Job description

ERIKS Digital maintains a mixed insourced & outsourced operating model; with infrastructure outsourced, where key stakeholders are our Service Owners and our insourced Platform teams, where key stakeholders are our Platform Engineering Managers.

Innovating and optimizing is what we do at ERIKS Digital. We created this ‘new’ position to improve our Service Management governance and structure throughout ERIKS.

About the position:

You will work together and report to the Senior Service Owner, alongside a Service Owner Voice, Service Owner Network and Service Owner Applications. Your initial focus will be working with our internal Platform teams to first understand and then define, implement strong and robust ITSM processes. There will be a strong link with our Service Owners for the parts of our portfolio that is outsourced, and strong synergies exist in this area. Above all, service and raising the bar is key to serve the needs of our customer (and our customers, customer) better.

You will have the ability to see the bigger picture when it comes to ITSM processes by understanding what is there today, where it makes sense to harmonize, why it makes sense to differentiate, what should be there tomorrow and at the same time rigorously drive continuous improvement.

Key responsibilities:

  • (Re)designing, extending, and maintaining the company’s IT Service Management, including governance, reporting, and ensuring a best-in-class operating model exists and is universally recognized amongst all relevant stakeholders;
  • Distilling information and be able to present it as relevant and interesting to Executives and set it up to work in as much detail as necessary for our Service Owners, Platform Engineering Managers, and outsourced service providers;
  • Delivering results within agreed timescales and standards;
  • Staying connected with all stakeholders, advising them and keep them aligned in an environment of changing priorities and pressures.


  • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree;
  • Multiple years extensive experience with operational and tactical level within the IT area; in particular Service Management and ITSM implementation;
  • Experience working alongside a mixture of internal teams and external service providers, understanding the differences and be of assertive nature to be affective in harmonizing or establishing new ITSM processes;
  • Able to motivate others, promoting a clear sense of purpose and a positive attitude to work with individuals and teams;
  • Able to connect policy, innovation projects, and operational business;
  • Able to communicate succinctly, clearly, and accurately in plain simple language, both verbally, in writing and formal presentations (English speaking and writing);
  • Experience with large, complex organizations and the decision-making structure;
  • Experience with Lean and Agile methods and relevant ITSM frameworks.

Job presentation:
ERIKS Digital - IT Service Manager.pdf